Saturday, November 24, 2012

Small Business Saturday!!!

Good Morning Fans!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We had a great time, it was a fun time with the family and an awesome kick off to the 2012 Holiday Season! =D

How did I almost forget about Small Business Saturday?!?! That just crazy about a sale?!

All day today, 11/24/2012, you can enjoy 15% off your entire purchase & over at my Etsy Shop use Coupon Code - smallbizsatBBS to get 15% off there too!

I have 12 Order spaces left before I'm capped out and will not be accepting any new orders. Hurry Quick and get your orders in! =D

Message me on my Fan Page or Email me at

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Note worthy Announcement for Beanies By Stacie - We are closing up Shop

First I would just like to say thank you to each and every single person who's supported me, encouraged me, followed me on my Fan Page and told me I could do this when I didn't think I could.  5 years ago you couldn't have convinced me when I started this that I would still be here today.  I gave myself MAYBE 6 months and when I look at how far I've come it makes my heart happy that I took the risk, jumped in and had so many supporters cheering me on.  It has simply been the most rewarding experience over this last 5 years.

With that said, it comes with a very, very heavy heart that I am officially announcing the closing of Beanies By Stacie on December 15th 2012. I will take my last orders on the 1st of December to ship by the 14th of December.

That is very hard type and I will likely cry through the rest of this posting and yes it will be mushy, cheesy and because I’m not the best with words, at times probably not make a whole lot of sense.  lol You have been warned.

I chose to leave my office job to stay home with my kids after my youngest son was born in 2008 and that's when Beanies By Stacie was born. I wanted something to do in the down time I might have so after much encouragement from a few amazing ladies telling me they thought I had something, I opened an Etsy Shop, later a Website, a LOT of word of mouth from some truly awesome people, then Facebook and well…the rest you can say is history.  I’ve been fighting with this decision for some time now; I’ve met SO MANY amazing people and new friends along the way. It’s so very hard for me to admit that I need some down time, to close up shop and walk away for a while.  A few things have happened and a couple of others have fallen into place over the last few months that finally tipped the mile long pro/con list I've been writing regarding this choice.  As those closest to me know this has been a very hard decision for me and how long I've been going back and forth on this.  I'm sure that after a while even THEY didn't think it would actually happen. I would say, this is the time…and I would get the raised eyebrow, I’ve gone back and forth SO many times. I’m also willing to bet they are wondering if this will ever get posted. lol When you build something from the ground up, have no expectations to how it will turn out and it turns into more than you could have ever imagined or expected that’s a tough thing to let go of. Blood, sweat and many, many tears have gone into making Beanies By Stacie what it is and while I’m sad to close this chapter I’m equally excited to see where life takes me next.

As things like this often go though, I have been starting to feel like it’s time for a change.  My littlest guy will be starting school soon and I want to spend his last year or so home with me completely dedicated to him and my oldest son and having fun with them, instead of scheduling fun with them around my work.  I have been truly blessed beyond words with this business and every single one of the people I have gotten to know and become such good friends with along the way, but it’s time for me to just be mom now.

I don’t plan on this being the end all be all of Beanies By Stacie because I don’t like to say never and I mean I could NEVER 100% quit something I love like my 3rd child, but a long break is definitely what is needed at this time and after that, well…we will see.  I will still update from time to time on my Fan Page after I'm closed on the 15th and I’m sure I won’t be putting the yarn, hooks and needles down for good. I still have oodles of yarn to play with and I will more than likely have items made that are Ready To Ship here or there to post.

My plan also is to leave my Etsy Shop open with my most popular items after the first of the year but will no longer be accepting custom orders after December 15th.

Thank you so very much for everyone’s support and encouragement during this journey and as I take off on this new path.  It means more to me than any of you will EVER know.

Love you all!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Summer Sale 2012

I received so many messages and emails about skipping Christmas in July that I decided to have an August Summer Sale!

I've been busy this summer keeping my boys occupied so a July sale wasn't something I could take on, but now our summer has started to slow, we're going to be home a little more and able to take on more work! =D

I'm going to try to keep it simple this year, so here is August Sale Pricing - This is for the ENTIRE month of August 1st-31st

*ALL Regular Beanies any size - $13.50
*ALL Earflap Beanies/Visors any size - $15.50
*ALL Specialty Beanies & Elf Stockings any size - $17.50

$2.00 total to ship! (This is PER package - if you order more than what I know will fit into One Mailing Envelope I will charge you and extra additional $2.00 per extra package)

I know not everyone likes Beanies so all of my other products will be on sale for 30% off during the August Sale.  

Items such as Scarves, Headwraps, Headbands, Slippers are just a few of the other Items I offer! =D

Questions, concerns, ideas...ANY me, I'm happy to hear it! =D

Enjoy & Happy Shopping!

Contact me at to place your order!!